A holistic sustainability strategy for the company

Stuttgart, 2019 - In the face of climate change, the automotive industry is at a defining moment to act on sustainability. Shareholders and society as a whole demand not only surface-level effort but concrete proof that Mercedes-Benz has a purpose and contributes to the greater good.

For ten months Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting (MBMC) accompanied the top management on their way to take on a more proactive role regarding sustainability. The objective was a fundamental shift in the company’s mindset from "business strategy" to "sustainable business strategy" and simultaneous actions within the whole organization. Shoulder to shoulder with the Management Board, the project team developed tangible ambitions for seven dedicated subject areas:

- Climate protection and air quality
- Resource preservation
- Livable cities
- Traffic safety
- Data responsibility
- Human rights
- Integrity, people and partnerships


The MBMC project team set up a "Sustainability Competence Office" and accelerated a clear work package structure - each with sponsors in the organization to ensure a close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. The team organized and ran several decisive workshops on board level, in which key milestones were aligned. Furthermore an advisory board of external experts gave feedback at various points in time as to whether the ambitions “jumped high enough”. 

These seven ambitions guided Mercedes-Benz to create positive economic, social and environmental impact while unlocking new opportunities for growth and advantage. One of the key results of this project was the publicly communicated company strategy “Ambition 2039”.

Markus Rippel, partner at MBMC, resumes: "With the full backing of the Executive Board, we managed to anchor our ambitions at the highest level of the company and made sustainability a central pillar of the group strategy."

  • "It's a great feeling to see
    the various workshops I organized
    are bearing fruit today."

    Fabian Futterer, Senior Consultant