A new business strategy for AMG Customer Racing

Encouraged by the success and new trends in customer motorsport, Mercedes-AMG strengthened their Customer Racing Program and re-focused their business offering together with MBMC.

Since 2010, customer racing has made a decisive contribution to the global race track successes of Mercedes-AMG motorsport. Private customer teams can join races in USA (e.g. by the International Motorsport Association), in Asia (e.g. Asian LeMans series) or in Germany (e.g. at the 24h Nürburgring) with access to extended technical support, engineers and motorsport specialists. The teams consists of experienced drivers and promising talents that receive not only a fully developed Mercedes GT3 or GT4, but a very comprehensive support with know-how being transferred from the first use of the vehicle to the joint development of racing strategies.

Now economic, social and technological trends are emerging, e.g. the relevance of China, e-sports and sustainability. Based on the success of the Customer Racing Program the aim of the MBMC project team was to re-align the current business mission of the unit as well as their strategic priorities.


The project team started by conducting interviews with customers, internal stakeholders and external experts and an intensive research on other companies regarding customer racing activities, brand shaping and eSports.

Building on a strong core with high number of race cars, great sportive results and a high market share, the MBMC project team identified three further impact areas to tackle:

- Enrich the portfolio both in terms of models and regions
- Push growth via strong link to sales
- Super charge the brand via story telling

Three mission statements were developed and then translated into strategic principles and activity matrixes, suggesting ten measures each affecting different customer segments. The ideas were sales and product-related and Christoph Sagemüller, Head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport recalls: "I am glad we collaborated with MBMC. Their in-depth analysis enabled us to make rapid and smart decisions to venture new grounds!"  

  • "Because of the proximity to the product
    the whole project was thrilling! I have rarely
    experienced such an insipiring setting."

    Alexander Weeth, Project Lead