A decentralized, B2B Data Marketplace

Powered by Blockchain Technology, the newly launched data platform looks beyond the automotive industry and unlocks the value in data from diverse industries to help customers achieve their business goals.

Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting collaborated with the ITT Department of Daimler South East Asia in Singapore on their latest Blockchain product – Acentrik, a decentralized data marketplace built for enterprises, to provide the right tools and solutions in harnessing and monetizing their data.

The data landscape in the world today speaks about the opportunity in enterprises to drive the true value of their data. Especially in large conglomerates of industries like healthcare, energy, retail etc, data is used internally, leaving much more potential to be uncovered with the right tools.

Concerns of security and transparency result in these large enterprises under-utilizing their data due to the stigma of possible data exposures.

While other solutions available in the industry involve managing enterprises’ data in a centralized manner, Acentrik is developed to uphold data sovereignty and transparency in every data transaction. Through Blockchain Technology, transactions are facilitated by tokens and smart contracts, which gives no one absolute power to preside over any exchange.


With valuable cross-domain data assets from many enterprises on the marketplace, Acentrik is the platform to provide solutions to enterprises through multiple use cases. For example, retail companies share insights on electronic consumer shopping behavior with data on sex, age cluster, region and location to help an electronics company to identify consumption patterns and preferences per customer group, top markets and regions per product. Based on electronic product purchases and shopping behavior in retail, the electronics company can adjust their product lines and increase sales numbers as well as customer satisfaction.

Srikanth Kaja, Product Owner, Acentrik, Singapore: “Data sovereignty is preserved in Acentrik through Blockchain Technology, data stays in the control of data owners. One of the key features is Compute-to-Data, which allows computation of anonymized data through the platform."

Learn more about Acentrik here.

  • "The collaboration with colleagues from our Daimler Southeast Asia Hub and the different cultures from Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore make the project so unique. We are a diverse team in which every role is represented - from IT to business perspective - united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit."

    Robert Edbauer, Acentrik Project Lead, MBMC