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Digital, Software and Data

MBMC brings together digital consulting teams with data, analytics and software experts to drive performance improvements and venture new grounds. Taking advantage of data-based insights and algorithms, we fuel end-to-end digitalization and automate Mercedes-Benz’ core process from order to delivery. Furthermore we ensure resilient, client-centric technology foundations through strategic software consulting and help our clients build game-changing applications for Mercedes-Benz end customers.



MBMC applies the power of data to accelerate the transformation of Mercedes-Benz' core business. The "Digital Accelerator" team redesigns core processes of Mercedes-Benz Cars based on end-to-end view and a relentless focus on business outcomes. We offer solutions for analytics-driven business steering, algorithmic decision support and automation to our clients. Most importantly, we build capabilities and mindsets that are necessary to sustain success in the long run: at the heart of every project is the ambition to empower and enable our clients to independently scale solutions and digitalize processes.

At Mercedes-Benz we set out to lead in car software by means of our own Mercedes-Benz Operating Systems (MB.OS). To facilitate the transformation towards a software-driven company, MBMC supports its internal clients to develop a holistic, software-focused approach. Digital Consultants, (Automotive) Solution Architects, Data Scientists and UX/UI Designers support the organizational ramp-up, develop insourcing strategies with strong partners, forge new alliances, and challenge the status quo based on customer needs, technological benchmarking as well as best practices.

In order to accelerate innovation and facilitate new business opportunities, one team at MBMC is dedicated to digital services and applications for Mercedes-Benz’ customers. Digital Consultants, Solution Architects, Data Scientists, UX/UI Designers and IT experts fuel the company’s entrepreneurial spirit by diving into new technologies, strategic explorations, building and validating prototypes, launching MVPs and fostering Mercedes-Benz’ digital ecosystem. Through our end-to-end approach, we provide our clients with the essential skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create and implement a thriving business model in the digital realm.



A proven problem-solving
method to bridge gaps from
order to delivery.


From scoping to scaling: our project flows are characterized by two phases and three stage gates in order to ensure financial impact. In the Exploration Phase we create an understanding of problems, processes and data and then identify and evaluate digitalization potential. In the Execution Phase we develop data-based solutions and test prototypes iteratively.

Stage Gate 1: Impact-based prioritization of digitization potential

Stage Gate 2: Approval of capacity & budget for execution

Stage Gate 3: Approval of the solution for continuous operation, procedure & responsibility for scaling



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    Irene Krings & Milena Bohnenberger
    Head of Digital Accelerator